The Four Gets

Time to Read: 3 minutes 11 seconds

It’s been a couple weeks since National Active Aging Week came to an end but a conversation I had during the week leading up to the week has been on my mind ever since.

On September 20th I started the Active Aging Week (which actually didn’t officially start until the 24th) by delivering a talk at the A.C. Hunter Public Library on what active aging actually meant. The evening was a terrific event with about 20 extra people coming than had registered. Almost every seat was full and the attendees were engaged and interested in the topic.

Anyone who has spoken in front of a group of people knows who awesome it is when your audience is interested in what you have to say – you can feel the energy. But it was what a lady named Dorothy said when we spoke afterwards that really had me excited. After introducing herself and speaking for a moment she let me in on a secret of hers. She called it the Four Gets.

I don’t know if the Four Gets are her creation or if she heard it from somewhere else, but I thought I would share it with you today because I can see the potential it has to really help people live an engaged life.

The Four Gets touch on all aspects of wellness in some way. Some directly, and others in an more round about way – but they get there.

So what are they? – haha, I know, I know, that was a long introduction.

Get Up – Get Out – Get Moving – Get Social

Starting off with getting up has a sense of purpose, direction, a zest for life. Get up! I can hear coaches saying that to children who have fallen down playing sports and need that extra encouragement to get back in the game.

In the practical sense, getting out is about getting outside and breathing some fresh air, seeing what the world has to offer and what you can bring to it. But it also says something else. Getting out can apply to our heads. So many of us get stuck in our heads and forget to live life engaged in all that is around us.

There is no other thing we can do that is as good for us as movement. Get moving, no matter how small, move. Our minds need movement, our bodies need movement, our souls need movement.

And last, and often forgotten, part of the equation is to get social. Humans are social creatures and sharing our experiences with another person does wonders for our own wellness and those around us.

So Dorothy, I thank you for sharing your Four Gets, I hope I have done them justice in explaining them as I see them. Maybe next year I’ll be back at the A.C. Hunter Public Library and can speak about getting up, out, moving, and social.